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My fee is $175.00 for a sixty (60) minute session.  The initial intake may be as long as 90 minutes.  If we agree ahead of time that we will meet for 90 minutes, the fee will be $250.  My fee includes time spent with you in session, as well as time following sessions completing notes, formulating a treatment plan, conceptualizing your difficulties and how to best help you.  Payment for services is due following each session unless we agree otherwise.  Payment can be made by cash, check or via Zelle.

I do not participate with insurance plans.  It may be important for you to check whether your policy allows for “out of network” benefits.  I will provide you with a statement following each session that will contain all codes necessary for reimbursement.  If you forward this to your insurance company you will likely receive partial reimbursement. On average, most of my clients receive about 50 to 60 percent back once the deductible is met for the year.  Please note that if you have an HMO policy you will likely not receive reimbursement. Most PPO plans provide partial reimbursement.

Important questions to ask your insurance:


  • Do you have out of network mental health benefits? 

  • What is your deductible?  

  • Does your insurance reimburse for 60 minute sessions (code 90837) or only 45 minute sessions (code 90834)?


If you have difficulty getting answers from your insurance company, I am happy to assist you in navigating this process. 

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